WEG brings sensors, motors and drives to SIEE Pollutec
Posted to News on 11th Jun 2024, 15:25

WEG brings sensors, motors and drives to SIEE Pollutec

WEG was among exhibitors at the 19th edition of SIEE Pollutec in Algiers, Algeria, North Africa, between June 10 to 13, 2024. Visitors to the event had the opportunity to explore WEG's cutting-edge products and solutions that are suitable for the water and environment sector in Africa.

WEG brings sensors, motors and drives to SIEE Pollutec

This year's SIEE Pollutec was held at Algeria's SAFEX Exhibition Centre. WEG exhibited at booth number E06, unveiling its latest innovations including the WEGscan 100 connected Internet of Things (IoT) sensor, designed for online monitoring of equipment and assets.

"Having appeared frequently at the Pollutec exhibition in France over the last decade, WEG was very proud to join the exhibition in Algeria," said Linda Derrou, Strategic Account Manager at WEG Algeria. "At booth number E06, we demonstrated how our advanced motor, gear and drive technologies support and integrate with automation, digital solutions and predictive maintenance in water and desalination plants."

The WEGscan 100 connected sensor collects vital data such as temperature, vibration in three axes, magnetic field and other relevant asset information to predict potential failures, and reinforce plants' maintenance strategies. It also integrates seamlessly with WEG Motion Fleet Management (MFM), a cloud-based platform for advanced data analysis and autonomous diagnosis. Information is collected and uploaded to the cloud via smartphone or other devices.

"WEGscan can direct preventative maintenance strategies, significantly minimising downtime and maximising equipment lifespan," said Linda Derrou, Strategic Account Manager at WEG Algeria. WEG supplies not only products, but complete solutions to support end-users and all stakeholders."

From its range of gearboxes and geared motors, WEG exhibited its WG20 series with a significantly expanded torque range from 50 to 18,000 Newton-meters (Nm), surpassing the previous range of 50 to 1,550 Nm. Developed in-house by WEG's gearbox experts, this enhancement broadens the applicability of WG20 geared motors across various industries and applications, offering a readily available and cost-effective gearbox solution.

Booth number E06 also featured WEG's asynchronous W22 electric motors, engineered to deliver superior performance with reduced operating temperatures and enhanced efficiency. With consistent torque output and compact design, the motors provide optimal productivity across different operating conditions.

The W22 was successfully implemented in a water transfer project in the Kef Eddir-Tipaza region of Algeria. WEG supplied 33 W22X and 15 W50X motors ranging from 30 kilowatts (kW) to 900 kW. These were deployed across 14 lift stations, contributing to the transfer of 21 million m3 of water annually. The project benefits 58 underserved areas, providing 8,613 m3/day of water - an example of the crucial role of high-efficiency electric motors in the future of water management in Algeria.

Lastly, WEG exhibited its CFW11 variable speed drives (VSDs). The CFW11 series is renowned for precise control and energy efficiency, helping extend the service life of a motor by gradually accelerating it from a standstill. WEG's SSW900 soft starters were also on display, which also help prolong motor lifespan and reduce maintenance costs.

"With a long-term presence in Algeria, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive support and innovative solutions to our clients," added Derrou. At SIEE Pollutec, we enjoyed the opportunity to solidify WEG's position as a leading supplier of electric motors in the water sector."

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