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As the robotics industry continues to push the boundaries of what's possible, the demand for high-performance, lightweight and integrated motion control products has never been greater. MOONS' Industries, recently launched in the UK, is meeting this challenge head-on by offering an extensive range of motors designed specifically for robotic applications.


Each motor is designed to address today's automation and robotic applications unique requirements. Let's focus on the three types of MOONS' motors available for these applications and their specific benefits.

Micro motion motors

MOONS' says that, due to their construction, its slotless motors are a departure from the traditional slotted stator in conventional brushless DC motors. Their design brings several key advantages, including higher torque density, improved heat dissipation and significantly reduced cogging torque and torque ripple.

These characteristics are particularly advantageous in robotic applications where precise motion control, efficient thermal management and smooth, virtually cog-free operation is paramount.

The latest generation of dexterous hands, such as those in humanoid robotics and prosthetics is where multiple MOONS' slotless motors are integrated directly into each finger, enabling independent control of individual joints and degrees of freedom. This level of granular motion control, combined with the motors' exceptional torque density and power-to-weight ratio, allows the robotic hand to get closer to its human counterpart's intricate movements, dexterity and accuracy.

Frameless motor technology

Robotics designers are continuously seeking ways to minimise system size and weight, without compromising performance or energy efficiency. MOONS' frameless motor designs provide a perfect solution by eliminating the traditional motor housing, allowing unparalleled torque density and integration flexibility within the tightest spaces.

MOONS' frameless, brushless BLDC motors consist of only the stator and rotor elements, resulting in an ultra-compact form factor seamlessly integrated into robotic joint assemblies, end-effectors and other space-constrained applications. Despite their minimal footprint, these motors boast an unrivalled torque-to-weight ratio, enabling high-speed operation and dynamic motion control capabilities - all essential for advanced robotic systems.

Another key advantage of MOONS' frameless motors is their ability to be customised and optimised for specific robotic joint configurations and which is not a one-size-fits-all solution. MOONS' work closely with customers, tailoring the motor's dimensions, winding patterns and mechanical interfaces to create a truly integrated, high-performance motion control package that maximises torque density, whilst minimising inertia within the robotic joint assembly.

Harmonic motion

These motors are compact, lightweight and can be combined with harmonic drive gearheads and other complementary components to create motion control solutions which are customised to meet specific application requirements. Harmonic drive gearheads are acknowledged for their compact design and exceptional torque transmission capabilities and play a significant role in enhancing the agility and accuracy of robotic systems.

When integrated with frameless BLDC motors the combination of power density and flexibility offers the potential to create a synergy that has the potential to revolutionise the field of robotics. This optimises energy usage and reduces operational costs and environmental impact whilst enabling a compact design that enhances agility and versatility across industries.

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