Learning to weld the easy way
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Posted to News on 23rd Nov 2023, 09:00

Learning to weld the easy way

Learning to weld the easy way

Using the newly available Welducation Simulator from Fronius, welders can learn, train and consolidate their welding skills step-by-step under realistic conditions without any risk to safety and with no additional costs for materials, gases, or wear parts.

The new augmented reality glasses make the weld, the welding process, and hence the entire welding experience astonishingly realistic, while the Welducation Campus rounds off the entire training package by teaching the theoretical aspects of welding.

The saying “a trade in hand finds gold in every land” has by no means lost its relevance in the present day. But when it comes to highly qualified welders, the shortage of skilled workers is an ever-present issue. Excellent welder training and the high degree of user friendliness of all our welding solutions are two ways in which Fronius is addressing this challenge.

Virtual training with the new Welducation Simulator is the perfect instrument with which to simulate complex processes and tricky situations in a risk-free and cost-effective way, and to repeat them time and again without wasting resources. Thanks to these exercises, beginners can improve their welding skills in a safe environment and learn directly from their mistakes, perfectly preparing them for welding on a real seam.

With the latest welding simulator, Fronius is for the first time not only focusing on virtual reality or VR, but also on augmented reality (AR). Another concept mentioned in this context is extended reality. This technique is characterised by the insertion of digital elements into the real world – be it on a screen or on a pair of glasses – directly in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Employing AR technology and using original welding torches, hosepacks and the housing of a real Fronius welding system creates a genuine welding experience. Trainees can use the Welducation Simulator to practice three processes (manual arc welding, MIG/MAG, and TIG). They do this while using various materials (steel, stainless steel, and aluminium), material thicknesses, and welding positions in the welding simulation.

Common practice workpieces and adjustable welding parameters complete the realistic conditions, because the training is not only about achieving the perfect weld: as with a welding challenge in the real world, it is also necessary to complete tasks before, between and after joining. This includes such activities as installing the return lead cable, setting the correct welding parameters, and retrofitting the electrode. The tablet with the simulator shows the standard interface of a Fronius welding system so that participants can become familiar with using real welding systems.

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