Cable management and protection for renewable energies
Posted to News on 21st Feb 2024, 15:30

Cable management and protection for renewable energies

KABELSCHLEPP Metool supports the expansion and generation of renewable energies with a large portfolio of cable carriers. The robust, flexible solutions for managing and protecting cables improve the safety and efficiency of the systems and are suitable for the rough ambient conditions, for example in offshore applications.

Cable management and protection for renewable energies

Whether hydroelectric power, wind energy, or photovoltaics wherever electrical energy is generated, cables have to be protected, guided, and organised. Dynamic applications that generate energy from motion pose a special challenge for cable management as the cable carriers have to follow these movements flexibly.

In a wind turbine, for example, different rotating movements occur on the adjustment mechanism for the rotor blades and on the nacelles, explains Jrgen Weichel, industry manager for oil and gas at TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP. It also makes sense to protect the supply cables for the nacelle with a cable carrier. Our cable carriers are the optimum solution for all these applications.

With its products, KABELSCHLEPP Metool supports not only the generation of renewable energy, but also the transport, installation, and maintenance of the corresponding systems. This presents a special challenge in the field of offshore wind power. Special installation ships are used for installing the wind turbines, for example, while the towers are erected using specially designed, electrically or hydraulically powered devices.

Reliable cable guiding is essential during the entire installation process. KABELSCHLEPP Metool has wide-ranging expertise as well as the right product solutions for this field also owing to a large number of projects on oil and gas platforms with similar ambient conditions.

Offshore applications

Our cable carriers are ideal for the offshore sector, stresses Jrgen Weichel. Our portfolio includes cable carriers made of steel or plastic as well as a number of hybrid solutions. Where the cable carriers will be coming into direct contact with seawater, we generally use high-quality stainless steel.

The large selection of products and materials means that users can benefit from a high level of flexibility while also being able to rely on the high quality and technical maturity of our products.

The use of aluminium dividers, hole stays, or rolling stays, for example, can minimise friction between the cable carrier and the cables and therefore significantly reduce wear. In addition to this, the cable carriers allow for highly space-saving placement of cables and hoses and are particularly easy to service thanks to the different opening variants. Last but not least, the steel cable carriers from KABELSCHLEPP Metool can be fully recycled at the end of their service life.

In addition to the quality products, users benefit from the individual customer consultations and the application-based technical implementation by the experts at KABELSCHLEPP Metool. The individual projects in the field of renewable energies are just as diverse as the optimum solutions in each case, which are planned and implemented in close cooperation with the customers.

We are proud to be making an important contribution to the further development of renewable energies, Jrgen Weichel summarises. Our cable carriers not only improve the safety and efficiency of a variety of different energy producers and systems, but are also a sign of our commitment to a more sustainable future.


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