Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M Powered by Digi Axess
Posted to News on 16th Apr 2024, 13:00

Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M Powered by Digi Axess

Digi International has introduced Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M, the latest addition to its remote monitoring and control portfolio. Powered by Digi Axess, Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is designed to deliver reliable and seamless remote monitoring and management.

Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M Powered by Digi Axess

It offers customers both edge and cloud-based control options, with a management platform equipped with an intuitive interface for streamlining data management and enhancing operational efficiency.

A comprehensive overhaul of the legacy Digi Connect Sensor+ product, Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M addresses the need for efficient remote monitoring in low/no power environments through its dual-battery extended run time and robust design. Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is a rugged, battery-powered monitoring solution equipped with versatile I/O for remote sensor connections, enabling cost-effective data collection from remote assets in minutes.

With the introduction of Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M with Digi Axess, we're setting a new standard in remote monitoring by empowering real-time data processing, said Brian Kirkendall, general manager and vice president of infrastructure management at Digi. We designed XRT-M to work in a wide range of environments with the ability to connect to a wide variety of sensors and devices. With simple setup and broad compatibility, XRT-M with Digi Axess is the simple and powerful way to get value from remote devices quickly and cost effectively.

The key features of the Digi Connect Sensor product line that our customers rely on include its cellular connectivity and long battery life, robust industrial feature set and reliability in challenging conditions. Everybody has a battery-operated Wi-Fi or radio, said Stephen Orton, superintendent of Augusta Utilities in Georgia. But I need cellular because I don't want to put up a bunch of remote sites with more antennas. That was Digi's big selling point. One, you've got the cellular, and two, you have the battery.

Additionally, he shared that, the hardest part with any type of sensor is getting power to it, getting signal and communication back. That's the cost. With Digi, it's easy. We can set up not just one sensor; because of the cost, I can set up four or five up and down the stream where other tributaries are pouring in.

The new Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M is enhanced by seamless integration with the Digi Axess management platform. This means enterprises will benefit from multiple connection options and gain access to a cloud-based control solution that offers unparalleled scalability, accessibility, and cost-efficiency. Whether deployed as a standalone cloud platform or integrated seamlessly into existing systems, Digi Axess empowers businesses to harness remote monitoring and control capabilities.

Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M will be sold in accordance with Digi's new monitoring and control as-a-service pricing model, in which additional service options are included with the cost of the product at the time of purchase. The Digi Connect Sensor XRT-M solution includes one year of access to the Digi Axess platform, enabling seamless integration and management of equipment data for enhanced operational efficiency and streamlined data management.

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