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Henkel Ltd

Henkel is the world market leader in engineering adhesives for structural and general bonding, thread locking and sealing, gasketing and retaining.  Its LOCTITE® branded adhesives – which include a comprehensive hazard label free range - improve product performance and cuts costs.

By taking a design approach that embraces LOCTITE adhesive technology, imagination becomes the only restriction in creating new-generation machines. The faster and more reliable the mechanisms, the higher the manufacturing output and LOCTITE adhesives are playing an increasingly important role in this regard.  

With LOCTITE adhesives, common materials such as stainless steel can be bonded. Compared with other joining methods such as welding, LOCTITE adhesive bonding distributes the stress across the joint and does not alter material properties.  It also enables lightweight materials such as plastics and composites to be freely combined.

LOCTITE cyanoacrylates allow instant assembly of small parts and are complemented by LOCTITE hybrids which combine speedy cure with epoxy-strength durability. LOCTITE liquid gaskets seal and reinforce joints, enhancing their load transfer capability and LOCTITE thread lockers stop vibrational joint loosening by sealing the void between mating threads.

Whatever the substrates and conditions – if the application is technically possible Henkel has the solution both for the adhesive and its method of application.  A full range of LOCTITE equipment is available for dispensing all LOCTITE adhesive technologies.


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